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Jury members of the 5th Championship

Marta Kamińska

A Romanist and linguist by profession, a bird lover since childhood, and the owner of Zara the African parrot for eight years, who was elected the Chatterbox of the Year 2017/18 in our competition. Possession of the African Grey completely dragged her into the mysterious bird world, observing their behavior and teaching Zara to talk.
The passion for birds led Marta to learn how to fly a paraglider. She develops her wing to get to know nature from a bird's eye perspective.

Bozena Tarasewicz

Economist by education, passionate nature enthusiast and herbalist, who collects herbs and processes them into intractions, syrups, creams, ointments, oils, vinegars soaps and many, many more. Nature is the only Power before which she kneels. She feels best in the garden where she easily recognises all species of decorative plants and weeds, and can talk about them for hours. Propagator of healthy life style and natural therapy. She is happy with every "convert”, especially when she notices huge impact of her methods on the persons' health.
Owner of Adrian the African Grey Parrot - the winner of the title of Vice Champion of Poland in the "Parrot Chat" of 2015/2016. At her home she talks not only to Adrian but also to her dogs and cats. She loves all live creatures. She always had a rich zoo at home. And recently, apart from Adrian, she has four Maine Coons and a moggy cat named Puma, whom Adrian often mentions in his competition videos. She thinks that she would be able to subdue the most dangerous of animals, and her unfulfilled dream for years remains to befriend a lion.

Hanna Hybicka

President of the Polish Society for Exotic Birds Lovers since 2000, propagator of the knowledge on parrots, forerunner of bird therapy in child hospitals, schools, nurseries;
Social activist and volunteer in oncological hospitals. Secretary of the Polish Ostomy Society POLILKO. Involved in the amateur theatre movement. Perfomer of epidodic roles in Polish films and series. Owner of the Blue-fronted Amazon named Kuba - finalist of the 1st and 2nd editions of "Parrot Chat"
(Photo by Grzegorz Szymański)

Zbigniew Zaręba

Owner of famous Indian Ring-necked parakeet named Carol - the Vice-Master of Poland of the 2nd Talking Birds Championship "PARROT CHAT" 1999. Carol has become famous by declaiming Polish romantic poetry. Now, Mr. Zaręba is an owner of the Alexandrine parakeet named Arni (a contraction of Arnold), but his interest in birds developed also in the sphere of representatives of our indigenous fauna. That is why he can be met with field glasses when he is watching them in their natural inhabitat. Moreover, he constructs nest boxes and attaches them on trees, and in winter time he fattens birds on birdtables which he also makes by himself.


The virtuoso of debt collection. The only thing that breaks her heart is her love for parrots, which was passed on to her by her dad. She was the proud owner of the talking budgie with the dignified name Stephan, which won the title of Sponsor's Favourite in the 3rd International Talking Birds Championship of Poland "PARROT CHAT" 2015/2016. Currently, she is the owner of the Green-cheeked conure with ADHD named Richard, who provides her with new challenges every day. She is also trying to teach him to talk. In her free time, she and her friends enjoy playing computer games, in which Richard persistently accompanies her. He never leaves her side.


He has been professionally involved in illusion for 30 years. His artistic nickname is Brozi, and he calls his magic show Brozi Magic Show. The show features, among others, David Copperfield's famous guillotine trick. As the only one in Poland and one of eight illusionists in the world, he can drive a car into a crowd with his eyes covered. He also uses telepathy and teleportation. Birds have accompanied him in his shows for 25 years. Initially they were pigeons and for the last 10 years they have also been budgerigars. In 2014, he was a finalist in the 7th edition of Got Talent. Of course, his talent was illusion. He performed not only in Poland, but also in almost all of Europe. However, his greatest joy are always his charity shows for children in hospices and hospitals, when he brings a smile to their faces.

He is also involved wherever help is needed but there is no communication. He is a ham radio operator and is active in the emergency communications staff. His call sign is SP3MST.

His love for birds has led him to own a Yellow-cheeked amazon named Kuki. But it was definitely not magic but Kuki's talent that led him to participate in the 4th PInternational Talking Birds Championship of Poland 2017/18. His work involves a lot of travelling and living in suitcases, which Kuki, who accompanies him not only on trips but also during performances, copes with perfectly. Being together practically non-stop, getting to know each other and learning about each other, have made their relationship unique. Unusual situations in which life puts them, bring them very close to each other. These two "lovebirds" show people how strong a bond can be built with a parrot, and Brozi spares no effort to share his experience with other parrot owners.