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The 1st Championship - August 8,1997,

the Polish Radio in Warsaw, Poland

The international jury was chaired by Irene Christie from the UK, world known parrot behaviorist. The other members were: Ivan Balogh from Slovakia - parrot breeder, Andrzej Kruszewicz - veterinary surgeon, Ryszard Barycz - actor, owner of a talking Amazon parrot, Krzysztof Michał Jabłoński - Warsaw ZOO employee, parrot breeder and an author of many books on parrots and Eward Jagodziński - parrot breeder.


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In the final competition of the 1st Parrot Chat the first two places were in fact not taken parrots. A crushing superiority was on the side of two mynas named Niuniek and Ogonek, who won the title of the Master and the 1st vice-Master. Niuniek not only introcuced himself nicely and greeted his owner with his adorable "Dear", but also sang his spectacular Polish national anthem and said "Good night" to the jury.


Champions of 1997