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Assessment Criteria

of the International Talking Birds Championship of Poland

"Parrot Chat"


1. Refereeing will be conducted by a panel of jurors, consisting of 3 to 6 persons, to be selected by the Organizer at its sole discretion.


2. Birds owned by jurors and their immediate family (spouse, parents, siblings and children) are not eligible to enter.


3. Each juror assesses Competitors by the videos submitted by Participants and published by the Organizer on the Competition YT channel within the current Competition edition.


4. Jurors assess:

a) a skill in imitating human voice and other sounds.

When assessing a bird imitating skills jurors take into account the level of difficulty of the imitated sounds, the ability of imitating songs and melodies, and - in case of imitating words - the idiolect and the length of spoken sentences.

b) ability to associatig situations,

c) bird's interaction with its guardian and/or other persons,

d) other bird's skills (manual, acrobatic, etc.).


5. When assessing birds jurors do not take into account:

a) the video quality and content attractiveness as well as the video title,

b) the period for which the video has been published on the Competition YT channel within the current Competition edition and the number of its displays,

c) the number of "thumb ups" given by YT users,

d) the number of videos of one Competitor submitted to the Competition.


6. Each bird will be scored by each juror from 0 to 10 scores for its skills of imitating human voice and other sounds, provided in section (4), subsection (a), and additionally from 0 to 5 scores for other skills, provided in section (4), subsection (b, c, d).


7. In the event that two or more competitors might tie for a place in the ranking, the Jury chairperson orders a tie-breaking voting. In case of an equality of votes, the chairperson shall have the decisive vote.


8. Jury chairperson who coordinates the judges work, is appointed by the Organizer at its sole discretion.


9. Jury chairperson is responsible for compiling results. He/she collects score cards from judges, sums up the scores and draws up a final protocol, as well as he/she sums up the votes in tie-breaking votings and draws up a tie-breaking protocol, containing the final result and passes it on, together with judges' score cards, to the Organizer.


10. Jury chairperson takes part in judging as well.


11. Competitors ranked lower than the 3rd place in the ranking are not announced by the Organizer.