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The brief wording for rules

of the International Talking Birds Championship of Poland


1. Fill in an entry form and download or provide a link to your video showing your talking bird in order to take part in the competition. Jury evaluates not only imitating abilities, but also musicality, dancing, acrobatic and manual skills.


2. You may submit unlimited number of videos presenting skills of one Competitor (bird) within one Championship edition, but each video should present new skills not presented in the previous video material (the vocabulary in subsequent videos must not be repeated, unless it is used in a different situation). You don't need to make a new entry form for the next video. Subsequent videos can be shared in a different way.


3. Your video cannot be shorter than 30 seconds and not longer than two minutes. But, do not worry! If it is longer, the Organizer shall cut it up to two minutes or divide into two or more videos. Your videos should not contain any background music, which you are not holding the copyright to - in particular music from the radio or television. Technical tips here.


4. Jury will select 3 best Competitors (Master, 1st Vice-Master and 2nd Vice-Master). The period of displaying your video on the Competition's channel, the number of displays and votes with a "thumb up" as well as the quality of your video do not influence the decision of Jury.


5. The title of the Talker of the Year will be granted to the Competitor who will score the biggest number of "thumbs up" added by users to all videos, in which this Competitor is presented on the PapuzieGadanie (ParrotChat) YT channel during the period of their display in the current Competition edition. But, it does not matter when you submit your videos. "Thumbs up" added by YT users are calculated proportionally to the number of your videos' displays. So, remember ... users judgments are unpredictable. Even the last-minute entry may find its way into their hearts.


6. You may take part in each edition of the Competition.


7. However, before you decide to participate, please, read the Complete Rules.