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Competitors of the 6-th edition of the Championship from A to Z (English subtitles):




of the 6-th edition of the Championship 2021/22:


1st place - TEDDY the Double Yellow-headed amazon

2nd place - JOSEPH the budgerigar

3rd place - FRODO the budgerigar


Champions 2021/22


Talker of the Year chosen by YT users - Joseph the budgerigar

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and the Versele Laga Sponsor's Favourite

- Fluffy the budgerigar


Other prize awards



Although our judges chose Teddy the Double Yellow-headed Amazon as the Champion, a parrot considered the best talking species, the 6th edition of the competition was dominated by budgerigars - Joseph, Frodo, Fluffy, Mike, Lolek, Jackie- it is hard to count them all. Apparently, they were encouraged by the victory of a budgie - another Jackie - in the previous edition.

And foreign countries were represented by Reggie the Princess parrot from Australia and Mike the budgie from Ukraine, whose further participation in the competition was interrupted by the outbreak of war in Ukraine and whose owner had to evacuate from her country. Hence, the promising Mike only presented a few words in one very short competition video, but we hope he will join us in the next edition. In the meantime, we invite you to watch a video about him and his owner "What's Happened?" - Asking a Little Parakeet From Ukraine


And here is an overview of the 6th Championship and all the videos competing (videos will be soon subtitled in English)


Prizes in the 6th Championship

Versele Laga - the Belgian manufacturer of animal food and care products - awarded sets of food products, delicacies and dietary supplements.

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The Parrot Shop in Warsaw awarded ecological parrot toys and perches made by Center of Exotics

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