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5th Championship - 2017/18

Competitors of the 5-th edition of the Championship from A to Z (English subtitles):




of the 5-th edition of the Championship 2019/20:


1st place - JAKE the Budgerigar from Poland

2nd place - KIRIUSHA the African Grey from Russia

3rd place - ARTHUR the Amazon from Poland


Champions 2019/20



Talker of the Year chosen by YT users - KIRIUSHA the African Grey from Russia

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and the Versele Laga Sponsor's Favourites

- SOLE the Amazon from Italy

- ASHER the Cockatoo from the UK


Other prize awards


We have to admit that the line-up of competitors was strongly international in this edition and it was not as grey as in the previous one, but exceptionally green! And for the first time in the history of the competition, the Champion was an unrivalled budgerigar!!!

And our sponsor Versele Laga pleasantly surprised us by awarding the title of His Favourite to as many as two parrots this year. On behalf of the competitors, we thank the company very much!!! But we are not at all surprised that its staff was captivated by such outstanding singers as Sole from Italy and Asher from England.


And here is an overview of the 5th Championship and all the videos competing (videos are subtitled in English)


Prizes in the 5th Championship

Versele Laga - the Belgian manufacturer of animal food and care products - awarded sets of food products, delicacies and dietary supplements.

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The Parrot Shop in Warsaw awarded ecological parrot toys and perches made by Center of Exotics

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