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4th Championship - 2017/18

Competitors of the 4-th edition of the Championship from A to Z (English subtitles):




of the 4-th edition of the Championship 2017/2018:


1st place - Alpheus the African Grey from England

2nd place - Clara the African Grey from Spain

3rd place - Ceasar the African Grey from Poland


Champions 2017/18



Despite red colors of this competition edition, grey colors prevailed among its winners. But only in their plumage. Their mimicking skills absolutely cannot be called "grey". Alpheus chatted masterfully with his guardian, Klara showed knowledge of Polish poetry, and Caesar learned to count.




Talker of the Year chosen by YT users - Michael the Budgerigar from Ukraine

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 our Sponsor the Versele Laga's  Favourite - Ferduś the Budgerigar from Poland


Other prize awards



We haven't had such wonderful talking budgies so far in the history of our competition. Their distinctly sounding voices did not resemble the voices of parrots of this species known to us so far. Internet users fell in love with Michael from Ukraine for his beautiful recitation of Pushkin's poetry, and our sponsor - Versele Laga - loved Ferdie, perhaps for his liking to our famous tennis player - Agnieszka Radwanska.



Here you can see all the winners' videos submitted in the 4th edition (the videos are subtitled in English):



And here - all the competion videos submitted to the 4-th edition:




Prizes in the 4th edition

Versele Laga - the Belgian manufacturer of animal food and care products - awards sets of food products, delicacies and dietary supplements.

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The Parrot Shop in Warsaw awards ecological parrot toys and perches made by Center of Exotics

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Sponsors and parons of the th edition