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3rd Championship - 2015/16

Competitors of the 3-rd edition of the Championship from A to Z (English subtitles):


Jury of the 3rd edition of the Championship had an extremely difficult task. Therefore, judges struggled with it until the end of February. In the third edition of the competition undoubtedly the best talking parrot from Poland - Adrian the African Grey - clashed the best chatter from Russia - a parrot of the same species named Gregory. At the same time, Eric the Polish Amazon was unbeatable in presenting the popular Polish song "A Kitten Sits on the Fence" (a counterpart of the English rhyme "Three Blind Mice"). It was probably the best parrot performance of this song.
 Adrian demonstrated that he also can sing "A Kitten Sits on the Fence", and moreover, he infallibly on cue whistled various melodies and exchanged an intimate conversation with his guardian. Gregory's dialogue with his guardian was not worse at all. Moreover, he imitated voices of many animals, sang "Katyusha" in turns with his guardian and had a love chat with his fiancée Ksjusha - the African Grey hen - and sometimes even scolded her as old couples do. It was not the only love affair in this edition of the Championship. Jimmy the Cockatiel sang to his beloved and Lorek kept calling his female Inka away. Most competitors also proved their love to their guardians, either by professing their affection or by sending them hot kisses. Competitors of the 3rd Championship showed their great musical talent, were also able to count and demonstrated their knowledge of foreign languages.
Competitors from Poland prevailed, of course. But participants from abroad were also submitted. Beside Gregory from Russia, we were also honored by Krosha from Byelorussia. Great Britain was represented by Timmy the Good Boy and Mammadou, who is in love with Liverpool. And the USA was represented by Mozart who thinks that he is a duck.

Champions of 2015/16

African Greys dominated in that year edition of the competition. We may only guess that the tremendous range of vocabulary presented by Grigorij's guardian in 11 videos prejudged his victory. Unfortunately, Eric, who - like many other competitors - does not go for a camera. That is why he couldn't beat Grigorij and Adrian if the number of contest videos is concerned.

The title of the Talker of the Year which is awarded by YouTube users by their "thumbs up" was granted to Zara the Agrican Grey parrot. Zara also doesn't like to be filmed, but she must have magnetized viewers with her football fan enthusiasm when singing "Cluck, cluck, cluck, Euro is cool!" - the Polish cheering song for the UEFA European Championship. While the Versele Laga Sponsor's Favaourite was the smallest competitor - lovable Stephan the Budgerigar.


Other prize awards

Winners (English subtitles)

Owners of the best talkers tell about their pets and their joint relations, about their sometimes problematic nature and about how they taught them to talk (more videos soon).

Prizes in the 3rd Championship


Versele Laga - the Belgian manufacturer of animal food and care products - awards sets of food products, delicacies and dietary supplements.


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Inter-Zoo - the Polish manufacturer of  high class cages, aviaries and accessories for pets - awards parrot stands.


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The Parrot Shop in Warsaw awards ecological parrot toys and perches made by Center od Exotism

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Sponsors and patrons of the 3rd Championship

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