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Jury members of the 4th Championship

Bozena Tarasewicz

Economist by education, passionate nature enthusiast and herbalist, who collects herbs and processes them into intractions, syrups, creams, ointments, oils, vinegars soaps and many, many more. Nature is the only Power before which she kneels. She feels best in the garden where she easily recognises all species of decorative plants and weeds, and can talk about them for hours. Propagator of healthy life style and natural therapy. She is happy with every "convert”, especially when she notices huge impact of her methods on the persons' health.
Owner of Adrian the African Grey Parrot - the winner of the title of Vice Champion of Poland in the "Parrot Chat" of 2015/2016. At her home she talks not only to Adrian but also to her dogs and cats. She loves all live creatures. She always had a rich zoo at home. And recently, apart from Adrian, she has four Maine Coons and a moggy cat named Puma, whom Adrian often mentions in his competition videos. She thinks that she would be able to subdue the most dangerous of animals, and her unfulfilled dream for years remains to befriend a lion.

Hanna Hybicka

President of the Polish Society for Exotic Birds Lovers since 2000, propagator of the knowledge on parrots, forerunner of bird therapy in child hospitals, schools, nurseries;
Social activist and volunteer in oncological hospitals. Secretary of the Polish Ostomy Society POLILKO. Involved in the amateur theatre movement. Perfomer of epidodic roles in Polish films and series. Owner of the Blue-fronted Amazon named Kuba - finalist of the 1st and 2nd editions of "Parrot Chat"
(Photo by Grzegorz Szymański)


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