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of the 6-th edition of the Championship 2021/2022:


1st place - TEDDY the Double Yellow-headed amazon

2nd place - JOSEPH the budgerigar

3rd place - FRODO the budgerigar


Talker of the Year chosen by YT users - JOSEPH the budgerigar

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And the title of the Versele Laga Sponsor's Favourite went to FLUFFY the budgerigar







Prizes in the 6th edition

Versele Laga - the Belgian manufacturer of animal food and care products - awards sets of food products, delicacies and dietary supplements.

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Parrot Shop in Warsaw, the only specialist shop with exotic birds in Poland, awards ecological parrot toys and perches made by Center of Exotics

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 We invite you to get to know all competitors of the 6th edition from A to Z

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If you have a talking parrot


  take part in the 7th International Talking Birds Championship


"PARROT CHAT" 2023/24


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And if your feathered pet doesn't talk, but you want to show it off, please join our other contest in the Parrot Videomakers fb group. You can find a comparison of both competitions here.